Maintain an optimum performance for your website even at times of high demand

With the unrelenting growth of on line transactions and the inevitable pressure that brings to commerce based business systems, there are complicated challenges to face when managing and maintaining the Ecommerce web site. A surge in demand whether it be for a coveted concert ticket or to place a bet during a sporting event presents a host of difficult challenges which if the site goes down result in lost revenue. vQueue is an economic solution to scalability and protects the sales on the web site by keeping the it live.

vQueue allows websites to queue web traffic at times of peak demand, ensuring the web site does not 'fall over' or slow to an impractical operating speed. This innovative software solution, developed over a number of years and now used by Camelot for the National Lottery online web site, is the ideal answer for any organisation that experiences high demand at varying times which may be difficult to accurately predict and cannot easily be adequately or economically met by additional system capacity.

With the benefit of extensive experience of ticketing operations and by working closely with Camelot during the later stages of development, vQueue Limited has developed a software package that ensures 100% response on the system, maximises revenue, enhances customer satisfaction and also keeps web users notified of their progress.

Features of vQueue software include:

  • Operates in any web based system
  • System is scaleable - with virtually no limit to the scaleability
  • Does not require the host computer system to be re-engineered
  • Works with most user devices
  • Dynamic feature keeps the system working at 100% capacity

vQueue provides a reliable, scaleable and proven way to ensure your business is always operating at the optimum level and your customers are enjoying the benefit of a prompt, client friendly system they will be happy to use again and again.

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